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Share Literacy Extras with Your Pupils!

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Did you know pupils can access Literacy Extras via their IDL account?

Literacy Extras are additional resources available to pupils on their IDL accounts. These extras are designed to further support their literacy development in engaging and effective ways.

Within the Literacy Extras section, pupils have access to three valuable resources: a Typing Book, a Spelling Book, and an ABC Book. Here’s a brief overview of each and why they are beneficial for your pupils:

1. Typing Book: The Typing Book is a fantastic resource aimed at helping pupils become familiar with a qwerty keyboard layout. By practising typing exercises, pupils can improve their typing speed and accuracy. This resource not only enhances their computer literacy but also boosts their confidence in using technology for various tasks.

2. Spelling Book: The Spelling Book is an invaluable tool for reinforcing spelling skills through interactive activities, pupils can practise spelling words in a fun and engaging manner. This resource not only helps improve spelling accuracy but also encourages pupils to expand their vocabulary.

3. ABC Book: The ABC Book serves as a foundation for learners, particularly those who may struggle with literacy or have English as an additional language (EAL). It offers essential lessons covering the basics of language, including letter recognition, sentences and early reading skills. By providing structured lessons and activities, this resource supports learners in building a solid foundation in literacy.

To locate the Literacy Extras please make sure a pupil is logged in to their IDL account > Select the three vertical dots on the Literacy tab (see image below).

Literacy Extras

From here the pupil can then choose which Literacy Extra they would like to access.

Literacy Extras 2


We encourage you to explore the Literacy Extras with your pupils!

If you have any questions or require assistance navigating Literacy Extras please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team here.