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FAQs - IDL Literacy

Test Queries

How do I actually test my students?
How do I see progress or enter subsequent test results?
How often should I test the students?
In what setting should we test students?

Student Progression, Programme Progression and Graphs

IDL appears to be taking students back and making them repeat lessons
My student has completed a lesson and it won’t let them move on
My student is showing regression when looking at their progress
One of my students has been doing lessons but no progress is being made

Technical Queries - the appearance and running of IDL

How do I find out if a student has been accessing IDL from home?
How do I lock or prevent access to certain aspects of the programme to students?
I can’t add any more students to the programme
I can’t see the text when typing or the screen is blank for one of my students when trying to do their lesson
I cannot log back in to IDL with the details you provided
The dates of everything in the programme are incorrect – the test dates, the dates lessons have been taken, etc
Why can I not hear any audio when I am going through the lessons?
Why do students use their own colours?

How to administer IDL

From what age can students use IDL?
How often should students access IDL
Should I guide my student’s learning on IDL or do I leave my students to access the programme without support?

Costing, Licenses and Renewals

What does the IDL licence include?
What is the renewal fee for?
When is my renewal date for IDL?

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