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Literacy Screener

IDL Literacy Screener

The IDL Literacy Screener is a simple, effective online tool that can be used to highlight dyslexic-type difficulties. The test takes around 30 minutes and is perfect for screening pupils aged 8 and over. Groups and individuals can use our literacy screener where concerns about their literacy progress may exist.

This literacy software can be used to screen an entire year group, or for individual pupils who are showing signs of literacy anxiety or literacy difficulties.

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IDL Literacy Screener

Early identification of difficulties is vital for appropriate and targeted support. This literacy test is straightforward to administer, with only one teacher or teaching assistant invigilating a whole class. Class teachers and SENCOs can interpret the results, finding them invaluable for developing appropriate interventions.

The literacy test focuses on the skills needed to understand written and spoken language:
As a thorough literacy assessment, the IDL Literacy Screener contains 11 individual tasks:
Why is it important to detect dyslexia early?

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