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IDL Numeracy by Strand: A Revolutionary Approach to Maths Education


IDL Numeracy by Strand is a new and innovative maths education software that uses a strand-based approach to help students more effectively.

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IDL Numeracy by Strand

Strands are comprehensive clusters of mathematical topics that allow students to progress independently within each strand, reducing any frustration or anxiety associated with numeracy challenges. This approach enables precise targeting of areas of difficulty, supporting tailored intervention.

IDL Numeracy by Strand is organised into 11 distinct strands, each covering a range of mathematical concepts mapped to the National Curriculum. The strands are:Specialist Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing Software (Website) (5366 x 3768 px) (5366 x 1168 px) (5366 x 968 px)

Each strand is divided into five levels, aligned with different age groups. This ensures that the lessons are challenging but achievable and allows students to progress at their own pace.

IDL Numeracy by Strand also features:

IDL Numeracy by Strand is a powerful and effective tool that can help students of all abilities improve their numeracy skills. If you are interested in a free school trial of IDL Numeracy by Strand, you can register here or contact us.