Useful Tips for using IDL

Published on 21/10/2019


Ten Top Tips for using IDL

  • Please ensure you are using Google Chrome to access the website
  • When using an iPad or Android download IDL2 MOBILE app
  • We recommend students using the programme for 1 hour a week-perhaps in  20-minute sessions at a time.
  • Please remember that when students press the assistance button on Literacy, they need to then switch it off to move to the next lesson.
  • Please ensure that your device has the microphone activated when using the Literacy programme if you wish to use the playback option.
  • We recommend testing a maximum of every term to monitor progress accurately.
  • Remember you have the option to print out certificates after each module to encourage the students with their progress.
  • You can screenshot the pages of the programme and print them out if you want to use them for staff meetings, parents evening etc.
  • Remember to use our Resources page on our website for videos, exercises and useful guidebooks- Found Here
  •  We are here to help and we offer regular online training. For any queries please call on 01524 580665