At IDL we are proud to support thousands of school pupils across the globe with maths, from those with dyscalculia and maths anxiety to students who just need some extra practice. With World Maths Day and National Numeracy Day just around the corner, find out how you can get involved, show your support and how to empower your pupils to succeed in maths with the help of IDL.

World Maths Day

Taking place on the 5th May 2021, this day aims to get primary and secondary school students excited and enthusiastic about learning maths! Head to our social media using the icons at the top of the page for some fun maths riddles, tips and puzzles to test your knowledge!

National Numeracy Day

We are delighted to be taking part in National Numeracy Day on the 19th May by being a National Numeracy Day Champion. National Numeracy Day is the UK’s only annual day dedicated to everyday maths. As a like minded charity, National Numeracy empowers children and adults to get on with numbers so they can get on in life – keep up the great work!

Being charity owned, our main goal is to provide learning support to those most in need. As a teacher, SENCO, educator or someone responsible for supporting pupils with numeracy, you may be interested in our award-winning programmes.

IDL Supporting Maths Success

Find out how we help thousands of children succeed in maths with our award-winning programmes. 

IDL Numeracy 

A fun software programme with interactive and engaging lessons, proven to dramatically improve mathematical ability. We are now offering an extended trial to all schools which can be requested using the form below. Find out more about IDL Numeracy here.

IDL Animated Maths Tutorials 

Our brand new ‘problem solver’ animations are free learning resources designed to support pupils in answering maths problems. These animations can be used by pupils alongside the IDL Numeracy programme and by teachers as a whole class teaching tool! Find out more here.

IDL Dyscalculia Screener 

Free of charge to all schools, our innovative Dyscalculia Screener is multi-sensory, with clear audio and visual instructions which are child friendly and easy to follow. To gain access please complete the form below.

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IDL Administration Training

 | 10:00am - 11:00am06.07.2022

IDL Administration sessions cover the basics of IDL Literacy and Numeracy, we show you how to register pupils, create groups, enrol pupils, the student login area, lessons, and how to look at the...

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