6 Dyslexic Superpowers

Published on 15/12/2020

Like any learning disability, dyslexia can present challenges to school pupils throughout their education and people with dyslexia might feel like they are different to other people. Yes, it is true that the dyslexic brain works differently but in fact this makes having dyslexia a positive attribute. Having dyslexia is like having superpowers. Here are 6 superpowers of people with dyslexia: 

  • Creativity – the majority of people with dyslexia are very artistic and have above average imaginative skills.
  • Spatial Awareness – many people with dyslexia have the ability to manipulate 3D shapes in their minds.
  • Seeing the bigger picture – people with dyslexia often see a situation holistically, enabling them to focus on the important elements without getting lost in the detail.
  • Problem Solving – people with dyslexia are fast problem solvers, through their ability of thinking laterally and outside of the box; providing unique methods for problem-solving and offering lots of insight.
  • Recognising complex patterns in images – the dyslexic brain is generally larger than the typical brain, making it highly skilled in recognising complex patterns in images and remembering pictures. The dyslexic memory is brilliant at mechanical and technical construction and design.
  • Entrepreneurship – many of the world’s influential entrepreneurs have dyslexia, including Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford. Creativity and strategic thinking combined with excellent verbal communication and problem-solving skills is what makes so many dyslexic entrepreneurs successful.

 All these superpowers lead to natural curiosity to discover and understand new things – skills that are helpful throughout life and in almost every career.

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