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Is spelling a challenge in your school?


Discover award-winning software to improve pupils spelling

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Are you looking for ways to improve spelling in your school? IDL Literacy’s online lessons are proven to increase learners reading and spelling ages by 11 months after just 26 hours of use. The programme is used as a school-wide literacy solution and also supports those with dyslexia as an intervention tool.

Spelling Exercises

IDL includes a complimentary Spelling Book which contains 120+ subject specific spelling activities. These are designed to allow pupils to practice spellings from a range of areas including science P.E geography and history. IDL spelling activities are great for additional practice and are often used as homework tasks.

Why Choose IDL?

✓ Trusted by thousands of schools around the world

✓ An unlimited user license

✓ Cost-effective solution

✓ Easy to use & available anywhere

✓ Minimal tutor supervision required

Find out more

IDL offers free training sessions to walk you through how to use the programme. We also offer free school trials! Please click here for more information or call our customer services team on 01524 580 665.