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IDL Wellbeing

IDL Wellbeing is an exciting product designed to integrate with a whole-school approach to mental health, toughness and behaviour management. Following 2 years of development alongside a psychologist, IDL Wellbeing has been developed using contemporary theories and mindfulness practices. Studies have proven that teaching resilience and emotional literacy can reduce incidents of poor mental health later. IDL Wellbeing adopts an integrated approach to support children, aged 7 -13, to understand and address unwelcome emotions as well as encourage positive ones.

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A 2 product annual school bundle licence provides unlimited user access to any 2 IDL products. This bundle includes home access for pupils.
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Unlimited user access to IDL Wellbeing. This includes home access for pupils.

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Save money with an annual school bundle licence and get unlimited user access to IDL Literacy, IDL Numeracy and IDL Wellbeing. This bundle provides access to IDL Screeners, Multiplication Tables Check and home access for pupils.
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An Introduction to IDL Wellbeing

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IDL Wellbeing

The IDL Wellbeing programme aims to support children’s mental health and welfare and allows schools to demonstrate that pupils are helped to develop their resilience and confidence alongside learning how to keep mentally healthy.

IDL Wellbeing is designed to fit alongside your whole school approach and is targeted towards preventing poor mental health and building toughness by helping pupils with the following skills for life:

Learning Emotional Awareness
Positive Affirmation
Goals and Positive Behaviour
Practicing Gratitude

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