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Children Learning

A Parents guide to IDL

IDL can be accessed at home, or anywhere with an internet connection, using your laptop or tablet. For information about accessing IDL at home, please visit Ways to Access IDL.

IDL Literacy and IDL Numeracy

For step by step guidance on how to use IDL at home, please click on the links opposite.

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Parents Thoughts

“IDL Numeracy has been an absolute lifesaver over lockdown, it has become clear to me over this period just how far behind she is and how she struggles in maths.”

“It is pitched just right for her and she has been doing 20 activities each day. There is definitely an improvement in her maths ability.”

The programme greatly improved the confidence of some of our children.

Brabin's Endowed Primary School - Amy Flynn

Improving the wellbeing of children with dyslexia and dyscalculia

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