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IDL for K-12 Education

IDL is widely used in K-12 education across the Middle East to support SEN learners and those falling behind in literacy and numeracy. It is typically used with small intervention groups and is proven to dramatically improve reading, spelling and maths ability in pupils up to the age of 16+. We’ve also seen lots of success in schools that use IDL as a whole-school solution to improve skills in these core areas that are vital to the development of young people.

The IDL impact

Pupils can really benefit from IDL’s structured multi-sensory approach to learning. Many schools report significant progress in reading, spelling and maths within a short period of time, substantially impacting progress in other subjects and improving learning independence.

IDL can be used to boost important skills in preparation for tests. The IDL spelling lessons are particularly useful at this point, addressing subject specific vocabulary in core subjects such as Maths and Science.

Tracking student progress for both individual students and groups is easy for teachers and simple to access – data is available in both graph and written format. The information is easy to read and understand – really useful for presenting results.

After only 26 hours use of IDL...

  • improvement icon 150x150

    10 months improvement in reading age

  • spelling icon 150x150

    11 months in spelling age

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