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IDL Literacy

The IDL Literacy Intervention is a speaking-computer based multi-sensory system which supports learners with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to increase their reading and spelling ages. The programme was specifically designed for those with dyslexia and is used as an intervention but can also be used effectively as a school wide literacy solution.

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Software Pricing

2 Product Bundle
A 2 product annual school bundle licence provides unlimited user access to any 2 IDL products. This bundle includes home access for pupils.
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Annual School Licence

Unlimited user access to IDL Literacy. This includes the IDL Literacy Screener and home access for pupils.

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3 Product Bundle
Save money with an annual school bundle licence and get unlimited user access to IDL Literacy, IDL Numeracy and IDL Wellbeing. This bundle provides access to IDL Screeners, Multiplication Tables Check and home access for pupils.
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Lifting barriers to Learning

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IDL Literacy Software

Over the last 40 years numerous research studies have shown that IDL Literacy is a proven solution for increasing the reading and spelling ability of pupils with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, including dyspraxia and Meares – Irlen Syndrome, by an average of 11 months after just 26 hours of use.

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Developed around five basic principles

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