IDL - What's new?

Published on 26/04/2023

At IDL we are committed to delivering the best intervention and support we can to your pupils. We understand that the classroom is a busy place, and every teachable moment should be used as effectively as possible. Our fantastic new features will improve the learning experience of your students and make life simpler for you as an educator.

New features

We recently released our biggest ever product update, enhancing existing features and introducing an array of new and practical features. These include:

A redesigned and friendly user interface

Crowded and busy apps can be distracting and damaging to the progress of learners with difficulties like dyslexia and dyscalculia. Our products are designed with this in mind, keeping the interface clean, easy to use and effective without gimmicks.

QR Codes

Do your pupils often need help logging in? Our new QR Code login makes interventions easier. Pupils can scan their code on the webcam on their device and immediately pick up where they left off. You can even bulk-print them for laminating!


When your pupils meet a milestone or have tried especially hard, you can now create a bespoke certificate to recognise their hard work. Each certificate is simple to print, can be generated from a variety of templates and you can add your school’s logo too.


Motivating your pupils to go further is now easier with Achievements. By progressing through lessons, learners will unlock achievements which can be viewed from their profile. We have already seen how these motivate pupils to see what trophies they can earn.

Reset password ability

You are now able to reset passwords yourself, making it faster to get your learners back into the program. No more delays with forgotten passwords.

Enhanced security

Keeping your data safe is important to us. We are GDPR compliant and use the latest digital security to protect your information.

Improved monitoring

New monitoring screens for pupils encompass their entire progress journey, detailing which areas of what subject they struggle in, the lessons they have completed and so much more. You can generate graphs to chart pupil improvement on an individual and class basis, making excellent resources for parents’ evenings and OFSTED alike.

Improved Reporting

When a pupil reaches an impasse, you’ll be kept informed through new reporting features. If a learner repeatedly struggles with a lesson, you will be sent a notification so that you can intervene and keep them moving onward.

Easy to find resources

IDL user guides, tutorials and methodology can now be accessed within the programme, making it simple to look something up when you’re not sure.

Live Chat

If you don’t find the answers amongst our resources, you can always ask via Live Chat. Any questions you have about the programme or how it works, our customer service team will be happy to provide answers.

To find out more about any of these features, or to request a trial of IDL, please contact us.