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Closing The Word Gap – Government Funding available


Since IDL is an intervention which can make a huge difference to the futures of young people who struggle with literacy we were very interested in the recent Government announcement of £8.5m worth of funding to improve early language outcomes.

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They will do this through an Early Years Social Mobility Peer Review Programme announced here. Anyone with an understanding of services for disadvantaged children and families and working at a senior level within their organisation can be a part of this review.

If you are interested in your Local Authority benefitting from the scheme or would like to become a peer reviewer please email[email protected].

Following completion of a review Local Authorities will have access to the £8.5m fund to support improvement in their local area and will be able to adopt strategies and interventions based on the peer review’s recommendations.

Funding for SEND facilities

On Tuesday 29th May the government announced £50m worth of funding for additional school places and facilities for young people with SEND. Every council will receive a minimum of £1150 with over half receiving more than £22,5000.

If you would like to purchase IDL but have not found a means within your present school budget please email your Local Authority to find out if they can spend some of this funding on a literacy intervention. IDL is extremely low cost and is used to help not only young people with dyslexic tendencies but also those on the autistic spectrum ADD / ADHD low literacy in general – basically anyone who needs a boost.