The IDL Story

The IDL Story

IDL was devised in the mid 1980s by educators working with the Starcross Educational Research Association. In 2012 a programme was funded by the Big Lottery called Lifting Barriers. This allowed IDL to be developed for use within a school environment in conjunction with SENCO leaders. Over a three year period IDL was placed in to 120 primary and secondary schools across the North West. IDL was required to show an increase in reading and spelling ages along with an increase in confidence and self-esteem for those pupils with dyslexia or dyslexic type difficulties. The results showed an average increase in reading and spelling ages of 11 months after only 26 hours use.

Since its development for use in schools, IDL has gone from strength to strength with schools nationwide and overseas using IDL and demonstrating real improvements for pupils with challenging literacy needs.

Ascentis & IDL

IDL is developed by Ascentis - a charity and awarding body

 Ascentis & IDL

Ascentis is distinctive in that it is both:

  • an Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual
  • an Access Validating Agency for “Access to Higher Education” Programmes, licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

We have a portfolio of user-friendly qualifications which include ESOL, English & Maths, Teacher Training, Construction, Digital Learning, Apprenticeships, Progression, Short Online Qualifications and Access to Higher Education Diplomas.

Ascentis has no shareholders, it is a charity and its sole purpose is to provide the optimal level of service to all of its customers. As a recognised charity we are committed to the provision of clear progression routes that enable learners to climb the 'qualifications ladder' and achieve their lifelong aspirations.

Ascentis has recently been featured in The Parliamentary Review: Highlighting best practice. Read the full article here.

Meet Our Team

Adrian Gallagher Adrian Gallagher

Adrian Gallagher

Head of IDL

Sarah Hyslop Sarah Hyslop

Sarah Hyslop

International Interventions Advisor

Jackie Holding Jackie Holding

Jackie Holding

Interventions Advisor – North West England/North Wales

Oliver Knott Oliver Knott

Oliver Knott

Interventions Advisor - South West

Victoria Kenyon Victoria Kenyon

Victoria Kenyon

Trainee Interventions Advisor

Joy Bolton Joy Bolton

Joy Bolton

Customer Service Advisor

Rozanne Brayshaw Rozanne Brayshaw

Rozanne Brayshaw

Customer Service Advisor

Zoë Jarman Zoë Jarman

Zoë Jarman


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IDL Administration Customer Training

 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm10.03.2021

IDL Administration sessions cover the basics of IDL Literacy and Numeracy, we show you how to register pupils, create groups, enrol pupils, the student login area, lessons, and how to look at the...

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IDL Literacy Assessment

 | 10:00am - 10:30am10.03.2021

Usually, we recommend testing pupils one-to-one to allow tutors to note any signs of stress, e.g. when a pupil begins to find spellings/reading hard.  We appreciate that this is much more...

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IDL Dyscalculia Screener Customer Training

 | 3:30pm - 4:00pm11.03.2021

Dyscalculia Screener sessions cover the registering and enrolling your pupils, scheduling the test, the screener activities, and where to view and export the results. The screener sessions last for...

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