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IDL for Primary Schools

IDL is used in thousands of primary schools across the UK. Our software was designed to help pupils improve their reading, spelling and mathematical skills as well as their wellbeing.

Many of our schools use IDL with their SEN learners or those who are falling behind. We’ve also seen lots of success in schools that use IDL as a whole-school solution to improve skills in these core areas that are vital to the development of young people.

The IDL impact

IDL is easy to use, helping pupils to become independent learners at an early age. This is proven to increase their confidence and self-esteem and improve their approach to learning.

Numerous case studies have measured the impact of IDL and its use in primary schools. The results have consistently shown that pupils ability significantly improves, for example after 26 hours of using IDL Literacy, pupils’ reading and spelling ages increase by an average of 11 months.

After only 26 hours use of IDL...

  • improvement icon 150x150

    10 months improvement in reading age

  • spelling icon 150x150

    11 months in spelling age

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Accelerating Literacy

It is always worrying when children fall behind in literacy because it affects more than just their progress in school. It impacts on their confidence and self-esteem too.

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IDL is an excellent literacy catch- up tool for children who struggle with reading and spelling.

Sarah Watson is the Senco at Newton Bluecoat CE Primary School, Preston
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