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IDL to demonstrate new Literacy Screener at TCEA 2022 in Dallas

TCEA 2022 is due to be a great event for educators and learners alike and at IDL we are proud to announce our attendance at the conference in early February. As an educational product demonstrating what we have to offer in front of such a key audience is crucial and we can’t wait to show off what we have for you. Read on to learn more about our Literacy Screener the conference and what we can do for your learners’ educational needs.
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Why is the convention so important?

At IDL we believe that one of the most important tools in improving the lives of young people is education. Education increases a young person’s potential and helps them to achieve what they want in life. That’s why we’re attending this convention and showing off our educational technology alongside our fellow vendors. Improving education is essential and TCEA 2022 is a key part of taking a major leap forward in Texas local education sector.

What is our Literacy Screener?

Our Literacy Screener is a simple and effective online tool that you can use in the identification of difficulties such as dyslexia and is available free to all schools. Taking around half an hour and targeted towards pupils at the age of 8 and above the IDL Literacy Screener is a great way of resolving concerns about literacy progress and putting your learners on the right track to a better tailored educational pathway. The test includes auditory and visual processing alongside establishing short term memory and the speed at which people process information. Each of these is a further insight into the mind of a pupil and guides your educational plans.

Why is the Literacy Screener important?

The IDL Literacy Screener is key in assisting young people in making the most of their development from a young age. Individuals with learning difficulties react differently to traditional teaching methods often struggling to make the most of their education and falling behind the rest of their cohort. Because of this identification of difficulties such as dyslexia at an early age is key. This permits for the adaptation of teaching styles so every child in the classroom reaches their fullest potential.

Does the Literacy Screener work?

Over 3000 schools around the world currently make use of our products assisting their students who struggle with literacy numeracy or have additional learning needs. The new IDL Literacy Screener has been developed alongside experts in the field and uses the same principles as our other well-established programmes. Our IDL inclusion software has won awards for the impact it makes to the prospects of students in schools and we are delighted to now offer these products in America. US schools can now see the benefits for themselves and get fast results that they can use to get their students in the best possible position.

Visit our booth

If you’re interested in finding out more about IDL’s brand new Literacy Screener or in arranging a free trial of any of our products visit our team at booth 725 at TCEA Convention & Exhibition 2022 taking place from the 7th-10th February at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. The Head of IDL our International Interventions Team Manager and an International Interventions Advisor are all in attendance so you can talk all about the impact our products have in improving lives with people that understand the vital service both inside and out.

We hope to see you there!