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New School Budgets….get Value for Money with IDL!


It’s that time of year again as you receive the budget for the next financial year in school and the need to juggle competing priorities and make money stretch further has come round once more.

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Depending on the types of funding your school receives there are decisions to take about how to benefit students in target groups make school-wide improvements in certain subjects improve accessibility choose resources and interventions – the list is endless.

One thing that’s always welcome though is getting value for money in all those areas. Have you thought about getting IDL Literacy and Numeracy for your school? They can be obtained using Pupil Premium or PEF money and are incredibly good value interventions that benefit many different areas within school.

IDL can be used for SEN students not just those with dyslexia and dyscalculia and they also act as school-wide resources for Literacy and Maths. With their multi-user licences there’s no limit on the number of pupils who can use them and they can be accessed both in school and at home. IDL also facilitates independent learning so you’ll save on staff resources too. As the magazine Teach Primary recently put it IDL fosters a mindset of ‘can-do and resilience’ for students and for staff provides ‘neat and easy-to-follow teacher control…. It’s effortless and you can be up and running in moments’.

With the need to achieve as much as possible with limited budgets IDL is a perfect choice seeing improved literacy decreased maths anxiety higher self-esteem and improved confidence in all learners. And to top it all both interventions generate automatic data so you can be accountable and show detailed results for the investment you’ve made.

IDL is great value for money! The costs for multi-user site licences which include home access as well as access on iPad and Android devices are as follows: