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IDL Multiplication Tables Check

The IDL MTC enables pupils to practice and master their multiplication tables in a fun and engaging way. This revision tool has some fantastic features including:

  • Progress monitoring – Allows teachers to pinpoint specific multiplication tables the pupil is struggling with to provide support where required. In addition, incorrect answers are recorded to help identify problems such as digit recognition or wider SEN.
  • User-friendly – Designed with pupils in mind, the user-friendly interface allows pupils to practice their multiplication tables independently.
  • Individually tailored learning – Encourages learners to be in control, working at their own pace and level of difficulty.
  • Available anywhere – Accessible on any device with an internet connection.
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This software is included with IDL Numeracy.

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An introduction to IDL MTC

Learn more about our Multiplication Tables Check in our short video.

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IDL MTC Overview

The lessons quiz the pupil on the multiplication facts, increasing in difficulty as they progress. The later lessons contain a mixture of times tables, their order of appearance and require higher pass marks. At the end of each module, the learner undertakes a review to measure their knowledge.

The program allows the option for teachers to customise the questions. Teachers can set which multiplication tables the questions are drawn from as well as how long learners have to answer each of them. This mode is intended primarily as a tool to target specific areas of weakness in their learning or classroom activity.

The IDL MTC has three main features:

Practice Test MTC
Practice Test Mode

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