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IDL Numeracy

IDL Numeracy is a math software that helps to improve ability for low-attaining learners in mathematics. In order to be inclusive, the lessons in IDL Numeracy are designed to reduce the stress those with dyscalculia would ordinarily feel when faced with mathematical problems. After a few hours using IDL Numeracy, learners will find a familiarity with the lessons and because the lesson mechanics remain the same, they gain the confidence they need to tackle problems, even those they have never encountered before.

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2 Product Bundle
A 2 product annual school bundle licence provides unlimited user access to any 2 IDL products. This bundle includes home access for pupils.
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Annual School Licence

Unlimited user access to IDL Numeracy. This includes the IDL Numeracy Screener, IDL Math Tutorials, IDL Multiplication Tables Check and home access for pupils.

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3 Product Bundle
Save money with an annual school bundle licence and get unlimited user access to IDL Literacy, IDL Numeracy and IDL Wellbeing. This bundle provides access to IDL Screeners, Multiplication Tables Check and home access for pupils.
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IDL Numeracy Software

The Numeracy software is used predominantly by learners that have dyscalculia, although it is not limited to those with special educational needs. The software can also be used to support any learners who struggle with numeracy. It can also be used for teacher training and planning, as well as for school psychologists and educational specialists.

The software contains interactive elements, a detailed precision tracking system and animated guidance on mathematical methods and principles.

What's included in IDL Numeracy?
Mathematical Strands
The Lessons
Progress Monitoring

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