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IDL Free Resources with an IDL License


IDL has an extensive library of school resources that are designed to improve learning outcomes for students and identify specific learning needs. All our resources are developed in line with the National Curriculum so you can use our educational resources alongside your existing curriculum.

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Our award-winning software is used by thousands of schools worldwide helping to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of learners. Our free educational resources include our free dyslexia tool IDL Literacy Screener and our Numeracy ScreenerMultiplication Tables Check (MTC) and Animated Maths Tutorials. Our learning tools are designed to help monitor the progress of learners and encourage individually tailored learning to meet the specific needs of pupils.

What’s more all these resources are completely free for all schools with no licence needed and they are available on any internet-connected device. Find out more about our library of free resources from IDL below:

Literacy Screener

Our IDL Literacy Screener is a free dyslexia screener that is designed to highlight specific dyslexic type difficulties. Available as an online tool the Literacy Screener incorporates a 30-minute test to screen pupils aged eight and older. Suitable for individual use or as part of group work it’s an ideal resource if you’re looking to identify issues with literacy progression.

The Literacy Screener looks to identify core skills essential for understanding written words and spoken language. It looks at the following areas:

• Auditory processing

• Visual processing

• Short-term memory

• Speed of processing

• Organising and sequencing

If any of the pupils have a noticeable deficiency in any of these areas it might indicate some form of learning difficulty such as dyslexia. The Literacy Screener breaks the test down into 11 tasks with each task geared toward making accurate assessments of student literacy. These tasks include:

• Names of letters

• Sounds of letters

• Find the vowels

• Known sequences

• Auditory memory

• Sound blending

• Sound discrimination

• Visual discrimination

• Sound discrimination with visual memory

• Alphabetic ordering

• Spelling

There are no time constraints for the Literacy Screener giving pupils all the time they need to complete the tasks. For questions that don’t focus on short-term memory students can repeat the questions to ensure they have ample opportunity to respond.

Numeracy Screener

The IDL Numeracy Screener is a multi-sensory test designed with understandable audio and visual instructions to make them child friendly and accessible. The Numeracy Screener focuses solely on numeracy abilities so other factors such as literacy ability won’t impact the outcomes or results of the tests.

We make sure that our IDL Numeracy Screener is standardised ensuring that the results are accurate and reliable so that they can be used to guide decision-making for learning outcomes. The test creates percentage-based scores in the following areas:

• Reaction time

• Number sense

• Number value

• Arithmetic

• Visual memory

• Auditory memory

• Visual pattern memory

• Number Stroop

• Sequencing

Multiplication Tables Check

The IDL Multiplication Tables Check is an excellent resource offering free times table practise for schools. The tests increase in difficulty as pupils progress and incorporate a blend of times tables that require higher pass marks for each level. By the end of the module pupils conduct reviews to determine their level of knowledge of the times tables.

Learners work their way through four modules with seven lessons per module and a test. These modules assess learners on their understanding of multiplication in a certain area which increases in difficulty as they progress. The curriculum runs through the multiplication table in the following order:

Level 1 – 1-2-5 10

Level 2 – 3 4 11

Level 3 – 6 7 8

Level 4 – 9 12

Later lessons incorporate a blend of multiplication tables and their order of appearance requiring higher pass marks. Once a module is completed learners review their understanding of the multiplication table.

Practice Test MTC

The Practice Test closely aligns with the actual MTC test. It uses a similar user interface to the real MTC to help build the learners’ confidence and prepare them for testing situations. There is a six second window for every question asked and the testing covers the 2-12 multiplication tables.

Practice Test Modern

The Practice Test Mode is an MTC test model that uses the same setup as before but it includes the option to customise questions. This allows teachers to adjust the questions to improve specific learning outcomes. It’s designed to work as a useful tool to target any weak points in learning for classrooms.

Animated Maths Tutorials

Our IDL Animated Maths Tutorials focus on online maths principles. They break down the main topics found in the school curriculum in an easy-to-understand iterative way. Pupils learn from a series of short animated video clips that engage with young learners and explain the key concepts around maths lessons and how to apply them effectively.

The Animated Maths Tutorials cover topics including addition, subtraction multiplication and division. All the tutorials include a worksheet and accompanying quiz which is automatically marked and graded.

These engaging tutorials work as either in-class learning resources or tools for pupils to use at home. They are an excellent all-purpose resource but are especially useful for children who are struggling with their numeracy skills acting as both a learning and revision tool.