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What’s New? 21/08

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Pupil Recovery

As requested by you! You will now be able to restore deleted pupils within 30 days of deletion! Deleted pupils will be moved into a group, which can be found on the ‘People’ tab. To restore a pupil, go to ‘People’> ‘Group’ drop down> select ‘Deleted’. Deleted pupils will only appear in this group. By clicking on their profile, you can restore or permanently delete a pupil. Deleted pupils will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Groups Filter Menu

Literacy Average Age Increase Display

Another feature requested by you has been added! You can now see the overall reading and spelling test age increase for pupils selected on the ‘Literacy Progress’ page at the bottom of the table.

Literacy Average Age Increase Display

To find out more about any of these features, or to request a trial of IDL, please contact us.