Mental Health Awareness Week

Published on 15/05/2023

At IDL we are proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week. It is estimated that 1 in 6 children have a diagnosable mental health issue, so it’s important to support children and help them to understand and address unwelcome emotions as well as encourage positive ones.

To ensure that as many pupils as possible can access the support they need, we are offering all schools 60% off IDL Wellbeing. This brand new programme has been developed alongside a children’s psychologist using contemporary theories and mindfulness practices to help pupils develop their resilience, confidence and learn how to keep mentally healthy.

Mental Health Awareness Week is organised by the Mental Health Foundation and takes place on the 15th-21st of May. This year’s theme is #ToHelpMyAnxiety, encouraging people to recognise and respond when they feel anxious, so that their anxiety doesn’t become overwhelming.

Together, let's raise awareness, promote understanding, and support the mental wellbeing of children.

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