Announcement: IDL Numeracy to launch this September

Published on 03/08/2018

The wait is finally over! Our much anticipated IDL Numeracy has been successfully piloted and will launch this September.

IDL Numeracy has been developed to help teach those with dyscalculia and those with lower levels Maths ability. It includes a fully graded course of 2700 lessons, to support the National Curriculum for numeracy at KS1 and KS2.

Every aspect of both the KS1 and KS2 Numeracy National Curriculum is covered by IDL Numeracy, with each lesson being made up of one of the following Mathematical principles:

  • Bonds
  • Counting
  • Shapes and Patterns
  • Number Value
  • Place Value
  • Arithmetic

By proportioning each lesson into one or more of these principles IDL Numeracy provides a unique way to monitor independent pupil progress. Along with being able to track progress against National Curriculum levels, you will be able to identify and pinpoint their mathematical strengths and weaknesses.

Your pupils will find the lessons engaging and fun to do. All lessons will consist of Mathematical puzzles presented in a fun and easy way. Each puzzle comes complete with in-built auditory instructions, along with buttons to help with the solution or simplify the puzzle.

In total there are 2700 lessons meaning pupils of all ages and numeracy abilities can improve on the programme. As with IDL Literacy, the programme features a test which will help determine a starting point for each pupil on the programme.

Also IDL Numeracy includes all those features that have made IDL Literacy so effective and popular with our customers:

  • Multi-sensory Lessons
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Easy to use for both pupils and teachers
  • Independent Learning
  • Available Anywhere

We have received an array of positive reviews from our pilot of IDL Numeracy. Read what one of our customers has said below:

“The students at our school have benefitted greatly from IDL Literacy over the years, the multi-sensory approach along with the easy analytical and re-testing tools make IDL a central part of our SEND strategy.  Everyone we have contact with at IDLS Group are neverendingly helpful and knowledgeable, they understand the real world challenges faced by schools to implement interventions successfully.  Our school was privileged to have an early insight into the IDL Numeracy, our students have engaged successfully with its approach and we saw immediate progress being made.  We thank everyone who has supported us, to support our students.” David Marlow, Deputy Headteacher at Etz Chaim Boys School


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